Proxy Searcher 4.2 Final

رنامج Proxy Searcher 4.2 Final لتغيير الاى بى وكسر حجب المواقع L1A987.jpg

رنامج Proxy Searcher 4.2 Final لتغيير الاى بى وكسر حجب المواقع m2kh07.png

Proxy searcher is a handy and reliable application whose main purpose is to retrieve a list of proxies that you can use for anonymous browsing.

proxy Searcher is fit for those scenarios where you require to surf the web without being tracked, as well as to unlock access to a variety of services that are restricted in your area, such as Hulu, YouTube, Netflix and so on.

Proxy Searcher spears you the manual labor of finding and trying on proxy addresses yourself, arranging for you to enjoy an automated process of the operation by locating the addresses itself.

In order to achieve this, it uses Google and a few well known websites that have such lists posted for public use. Also, it turns out to be speedy, being able to retrieve a generous amount of proxy addresses in just a few minutes.

All of the fake IPs, if we may call them that, are listed together with the country and the speed response, which is a pretty good indication of how reliable they are, lower speeds indicating better proxies.

Alongside these details, you’ll also find shortcuts to apply the proxy settings directly inside browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Therefore, you won’t have to perform the changes manually, because Proxy Searcher can do it for you.

It’s recommended that you choose IP addresses belonging to countries as closest as possible to your region, so that you don’t experience connection downtimes.

Everything is simple to operate with up until the point where you reach the Settings window, where you can make various configurations for proxy types and the search engine, a section that’s less recommended for beginners due to the high complexity of the terms.

All in all, Proxy Searcher comes across as a great asset, being appropriate for home or corporate use, due to its open-source license. It can retrieve generous lists of proxy addresses and apply them directly, with efforts on the user part reduced to a few clicks.


رنامج Proxy Searcher 4.2 Final لتغيير الاى بى وكسر حجب المواقع tsOxwu.png