at would you say in the following situations for garde five

What would you say in the following situations:

1-You want your sister to give you a dress.
Can you give me the dress, please?

2- Your sister doesn't brush her teeth.
Brush your teeth or you will have a toothache

3- You ask your friend about the way to the airport.
- How do I get to the airport?

4. Your father wants to sail over the sea.
Use a compass

5. Your sister wants to go to go to the Entertainment City.
Go south> It's in Doha

6- I brush my gum twice a day
You'll have healthy teeth

7. You found an old coin.
Take it to the museum

8- Your sister won the running race.
Well done

9- You forgot to do your homework.
I'm sorry

10- Your brother needs help in his project.
I will help him

11 – Your brother wants information about famous scientists.
You can look for information on the internet

12- You need to know how to spell some words.
Use a dictionary