Set Book

Grade Five

Ÿ Answer the following questions:
1-Who invented the compass?
Arab sailors invented the compass.

2-Why do people use the compass?
Because the compass can tell us directions.

3-Where does the needle compass point to?
It points to the north.

4-Where is Failaka Island?
It's in the north-east of Kuwait City.

5-How can we go to Failaka Island ?
We can go to Failaka by boat.

6-Who were the first people on Failaka Island?
The Ancient Greece were the first people on Failaka Island.

7- What can we see in Failaka Island?
I can see the museum and the temples.

8-Why is walking good for you?
*Because walking is good for the heart and muscles.

9-What do you do before walking?
* I stretch before walking.

10- What do you wear in your feet when you go walking?
* I wear good walking shoes.

11-How many teeth do the young children have?
* They have twenty baby teeth.

12-How many teeth do the adults have?
* They have thirty-two teeth.

13-How many times should you visit the dentist?
* I should visit the dentist every six months.

14-What should you do to have healthy teeth?
I should: -visit the dentist every six months.
-brush my gums and my teeth twice a day.
-eat healthy food.

15-What shouldn't you do to have healthy teeth?
I shouldn't: -forget to go to the dentist. -eat too many sweets.
-drink fizzy drinks.

16-What might happen if you don't look after your teeth?
I will get toothache and I might need fillings.

17-Where do you go when you have toothache?
I go to the dentist.

18-Which are your favourite books?
Story books / Science books/ dictionaries/ information books) are my favourite.

19-What can you do with dictionaries?
I can look up how to spell words.

20-Who is Al-Bayruni?
* He is a famous Muslim scientist.

21-What did Al-Bayruni study?
He studied the sun and the moon.

22-What did Al-Bayruni made?
He made maps.

23-What did Al-Bayruni wrote?
He wrote books about Maths,Space,Science and many other things.

24-Who is Ibn Sina ?
He is the most famous Muslim scientist of all time.

25-What did Ibn Sina study?
He studied Medicine.

26-What did Ibn Sina wrote?
He wrote books about Space,Maths and Medicine.

27-Where is Kuwait's airport?
It's in the south of Kuwait City.

28-What can you see in the airport?
I can see shops,restaurants and banks.

29-What can you do if you have to wait at the airport?
-I can visit the shops and the bank.
-I can have a cup of coffee or a meal in a restaurant.