Intensive Language Courses

The fastest way to pick up a language is to pick up one of our courses.
Go further, faster with summer session language Courses at the University of Chicago. All of our summer language courses are intensive, meaning they condense the material typically taught during the ten-week quarter into a concentrated three-week format. So a student taking a three-course sequence over nine weeks will cover all of the material that is usually taught at the University of Chicago over an academic year. In addition, the University of Chicago's innovative language courses cover more material in a year than that covered at most colleges and universities, making Chicago the destination for summer language learning.
For example, listen to what a student with absolutely no previous background in French is capable of sounding like after just one or two courses in the University of Chicago's renowned French language program. Unlike any other program in the U.S., our French program is based entirely on un******ed, unadapted spoken interviews and written texts, with accompanying exercises written by University of Chicago professors. After completing our elementary-level sequence, students are able to carry on an everyday conversation, with idiomatic ease and great pronunciation, with native French speakers.
After one quarter of French:
Courses are offered in the following languages in 2013: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Greek (Classical/Attic), Hebrew (Modern), Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Russian, and Spanish.
You will learn from distinguished professors and lecturers and reinforce your learning in our state-of-the-art Center for the Study of Languages and through unique opportunities that take you out into the city to experience firsthand the language and culture you are studying. Whether you commute or reside on campus, are enrolled in a three-course sequence or taking just one or two courses, you will be able to share your new skills with other accomplished students at all levels and enjoy special events and activities just for students studying the same language this summer.
To apply for these courses, browse the offerings and click on the shopping cart icon next to the course(s) to which you are applying. See the Summer Quarter Undergraduate Course Offerings page for program & application details.
Placement for High School Students

If you are not currently a student at the University of Chicago and would like to register initially for a course beyond the introductory level, you must contact the instructors listed for each language in the chart below to arrange a placement test. You may also contact these instructors if you have other questions about what is covered at each level, or other course-related concerns.
Languages Contact Chart

Choose from the following ancient and modern languages. Most classes are offered in a three-course sequence; please see individual course de******ions for each language to select between introductory, intermediate, or advanced levels, if appropriate. If you need to arrange a placement exam or have questions about what is covered at certain levels, please contact the person listed as the advisor for that language in the chart below.