first term english exam

first term english exam


High School
first term english Examination
Form: Exp Sciences Classes.
Year one Date: 22 December 2010
Here is an email sent by Eliza, a
South-African girl to an Algerian key- pal. Read it carefully then do the tasks
that follow:
Dear Yasmine
I have found your email address on the
internet this morning, and I am so pleased to correspond with an Algerian key-
pal. Your country is getting more and more popular these days among the South-
Africans, and we are proud of the qualification of your national squad for 2010
World Cup. I am eager to know more about you and your country. But I have to
introduce myself first.
My name is Eliza. I am named after my grandmother
who passed away seven years ago. Her death caused a terrible shock to me. I am 15
going on 16. I am a first- year student of Experimental Sciences at Nelson Mandela High School. I am quite tall and plump. I look a bit like my father. I
have got his fair hair and dark brown eyes, but I have got my mother’s
personality. I live in a so small, healthier, and mutually supportive
On weekdays, I always wake up early in the morning to do ablution and
prepare myself for the Dawn prayer. I often take my breakfast at seven. After
finishing the breakfast, I dress and go to school. I generally take the bus
because it is a little bit far. I have classes from 8 to 11 in the morning and
from 2 to 4 in the afternoon. I would like to be important in the near future. I
want to get a job consistent with my speciality. I have a dream. I want to be a
video-photographer for weddings and social ceremonies.
I live, together with
my family, in Johannesburg, the richest city in South Africa. It is undergoing
renovation since the early 2000‘s, motivated in its approach by the next World
Cup Football championship. Johannesburg has about 710 000 inhabitants, a density
of 1 962 inhabitants / km ². The city is known for hosting the Earth Summit2002
and the final FIFA World Cup to be held on Sunday, July 11. I hear a great
number of Algerians will arrive in Johannesburg to support their national team.
It would be a great surprise to see you among them. Never mind, the weather will
be beautiful. Welcome! Eliza
A: Reading/Interpreting
Choose the items
that best complete these sentences: (2pts)
a. Eliza found Yasmine’s email
address …a) in a daily newspaper. b) in a magazine. c) On the internet
Eliza feels: a) quite delighted b) not at all delighted to correspond with
c. Eliza usually gets up: a) early b) late c) around 8 in the
d. Eliza hopes to be: a) a dentist b) surgeon c) a
Mark the statements below as True or False. Quote from
the email to correct the false ones.(3pts)
a. Eliza is a sixteen-year-old
girl, with fair hair and light brown eyes
b. She resembles her mother, but
she has got her father’s personality
c. With her small supportive family, she
resides in Johannesburg, South Africa
Read paragraph 3.Pick out all the
activities Eliza does on weekdays. List them from the most to the least frequent
one: (2pts)
Read paragraph 4, then answer the questions below 2pts)
How many inhabitants are there in Johannesburg?
b what is it famous
c. a great number of Algerians are expected to travel to Johannesburg .
state the reason .
When will the Final FIFA World Cup 2010 take

B: Text Exploration

Find in the text words or
phrases that mean nearly the same as: (0.5pt)
a. exchange letters and
messages= …………(&1)
b. very happy =……………(&1)
Find in the text words
that are opposite in meaning to0.5pt)
b. late=……………..(&3 )
Where appropriate, insert in the
sentences below, the adverbs provided in parentheses: (1.5Pt)
a. Eliza is a
familiar name in South Africa ( quite )
b. The school where she studies is
far ( a bit )
c. she goes to school by bus (frequently )
Ask the
question that the underlined item answers: (1pt)
a. She studies from 8 to 11 in the morning
Fill in each gap with one word so that the text makes
sense: (2pts)
temperature - located - summer - east
The Republic of South Africa is …….. in the south of Africa, with a 2,798 km coastline on the Atlantic
and Indian oceans. To the north, it is bordered by Namibia, Botswana, and
; to the……. are Mozambique and Swaziland. Its average ……….. during the
day is about 28 ° to 30 ° in……… and 10 ° to 20 ° in winter.
Write the
phonetic symbols for the consonants in the following words: (1.5pt)
country/……………/ b. family/…………../ c. known/……………../

c. Writing (Choose
one topic) (4pts)

Translate into Arabic from ‘ I live together …’’ to ‘..
the weather will be beautiful’’. ( paragraph 4)
Imagine you are
Eliza‘s key pal. Write a short reply to her email following the plan

a .introduce your self briefly b. Describe your regularactivities
c. Introduce your town
Good luck Teacher: Mr. Zai