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الموضوع: مواضيع تعبير بالانجليزية

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    افتراضي مواضيع تعبير بالانجليزية

    موضوع تعبير عن الماء water

    waterThe Water Cycle (also known as the hydrologic cycle) is the journey water takes as it circulates from the land to the sky and back again.

    The Sun's heat provides energy to evaporate water from the Earth's surface (oceans, lakes, etc.). Plants also lose water to the air (this is called transpiration). The water vapor eventually condenses, forming tiny droplets in clouds. When the clouds meet cool air over land, precipitation (rain, sleet, or snow) is triggered, and water returns to the land (or sea).

    Some of the precipitation soaks into the ground. Some of the underground water is trapped between rock or clay layers; this is called groundwater. But most of the water flows downhill as runoff (above ground or underground), eventually returning to the seas as slightly salty water.

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    افتراضي رد: مواضيع تعبير بالانجليزية

    موضوع تعبير عن التلوث pollution

    The environment pollution leads to fatal results as for humans and all living organisms
    Pollution affects badly all living organisms . Man has ruined the nature balance . Cutting down many trees and decreasing the cultivated areas to be replaced by dwelling areas constitute stumbling obstructions that face such nature balance . Air pollution , water pollution and soil pollution result in bad effects that may lead to the spread of infectious diseases every where . It is only man to be blamed for destroying the blessings the nature has endowed humans .
    Hence , the individuals and communities should cooperate to put an end to such a fierce enemy against development and progress . There should be strict measures against pollution nature . It is not the responsibility of the Ministry of Environment only but the responsibility of each individual as well .The role of awareness is very significant in this respect . Man should not let the fruits of technology spoil everything . Wise dealing and cautious use may save humanity from fatal results


    تلوث البيئة يؤدي إلى نتائج مميتة مثل لجميع البشر والكائنات الحية
    التلوث يؤثر بشدة جميع الكائنات الحية. رجل فقد دمرت توازن الطبيعة. قطع الاشجار كثيرة وتناقص المساحات المزروعة لتحل محلها مناطق سكنية تشكل عقبة العقبات التي تواجه مثل هذه توازن الطبيعة. تلوث الهواء ، تلوث المياه وتلوث التربة نتيجة في الآثار السيئة التي قد تؤدي إلى انتشار الأمراض المعدية في كل مكان. ذلك هو الرجل الوحيد الذي يتحمل مسؤولية تدمير عليه الطبيعة قد وهبت البشر.
    وبالتالي ، يجب على الأفراد والمجتمعات التعاون من أجل وضع حد لمثل هذا العدو الشرس ضد التطور والتقدم. ينبغي أن تكون هناك تدابير صارمة ضد الطبيعة من التلوث. أنها ليست من مسؤولية وزارة البيئة فحسب ، بل على عاتق كل فرد كذلك. إن دور التوعية مهمة جدا في هذا الصدد. الرجل لا ينبغي السماح للثمار التكنولوجيا البرونزية يفسد كل شيء. من الحكمة التعامل والاستخدام الحذر قد إنقاذ البشرية من النتائج القاتلة

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    افتراضي رد: مواضيع تعبير بالانجليزية

    موضوع تعبير عن الصداقة باللغة الانجليزية friendship

    This leads to a sense of familiarity, which is expected, but it can also give a sense of intimacy, even friendship, which is wrong, because what’s going on here is not friendship, although inside us many of the feelings that come from being a regular reader of a ***log are the same ones we feel as we are developing a friendship, in the world evolution designed us for. But this is not that world.

    And with this comes a tough lesson, and unfortunately it seems, you only learn this by living, television doesn’t teach it, schools don’t teach it, and if you’re above a certain age, our parents didn’t teach it. You have to learn it by living, by thinking of someone as a friend, only to find out they don’t think of you as a friend. It can be devastating, I know, I’ve been there myself. But all the wishing, all the manipulation, all the determination, just serves to push the would-be friend further away. Because friendship is something you choose to do, you don’t do it out of a sense of obligation. To force someone to be a friend is to not have a friend.

    It’s not just something that happens with blogs, celebrity of any kind yields a false intimacy, they’ve made dozens of movies about it. The star is objectified. In the presence of a fan, the star is not a human, it’s an object, it behaves the way the fan wants it to behave. It signs the autograph, it smiles, it thanks. Stephen King wrote a horror story about this called Misery in which the pro***onist is bound, held hos***e and tortured by a fan. There’s an awful DeNiro movie, where he plays a fan who’s determined to be friends with a star, played by Jerry Lewis. It’s one of the few movies I’ve walked out on, it’s so hard to watch.

    I learned a lot about friends when I got sick in 2002. I learned that a friend is someone I trust to be with me when I am at my weakest and most vulnerable. And they are people who, no matter how painful it is to see, are willing to be with me when I am so helpless and weak. If I would trust my life with you, and vice versa, we are friends. It’s not about whether you are trustworthy, or whether you are friendly, it’s the actual act of trust that is the basis of friendship. If I trust you to be truthful, then you’re a friend. If I find I must be careful how I say things, then it’s something other than friendship.

    Friendship is not a state of mind, it’s an act. It’s something you do, it’s not about whether you’re good or not, it’s not a reflection of you, it’s a balanced relationship between people. That doesn’t mean it’s always balanced at every moment. Sometimes you “need a friend” and other times it’s the other way. It’s a trust that’s returned. When I was younger and thought I was in love, a friend said it’s not love unless it’s returned. Friendship and love are not quite the same thing, although there’s a lot of love around friendship. I learned that love isn’t even something about two people, it’s a state of being for one person. You aren’t in love, you are love. You are, whether you acknowledge it or not. The heart that’s pumping blood through your **** is an act of love, 24 hours a day, whether you’re Mother Teresa or Adolf Hitler. (Sorry for the extreme example.)

    There’s a world of difference between being a friend and being a fan. I’ve heard people who I’ve never met say we’re friends. And then of course when I do something they don’t like, I’ve betrayed the supposed friendship. They’re living in a dreamworld. The more popular my ***log has become the more people have this dream. It’s very puzzling to be the object in the middle of this swirl of emotions, I say object because my job isn’t to be truthful, my job is to be who you think I should be. Of course that’s not friendship, that’s torture.

    So if you find yourself trying to coerce someone into not changing, then dear reader, that is not friendship, that is coercion

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    افتراضي رد: مواضيع تعبير بالانجليزية

    تعبير عن عدد السكان ، Population


    Population Growth is becoming a huge issue in our country and world today
    However one thing that is clear is that the population of the world is getting larger, and the increases are not able to continue forever for we all know there are limits to the resources, such as food, water, that are needed to survive human life.

    Like all living things, people have a need to grow and reproduce and the more people the more feel of need they have to do so,
    One stated population problem is the death rate, which is decreasing due to medical advances also, brings to more careless increasing birth rates.. This only proved that the birthrate must be
    reduced to the point of "zero population growth."

    Many ways have already been brought to eye that have been proposed to achieve direct reduction in birthrate . Among the ones advanced in the past are: (a) providing people with effective contraception as well as reliable and safe access to abortion facilities with proper education about the value of using them as well as family planning; (b) enforcing laws to prevent couples from producing more than some standard number of children; However even with the plans and laws to regulate population the population is still growing uncontrollably and ways and time to stop it is
    running out.


    عدد السكان
    النمو السكاني أصبحت مشكلة كبيرة في بلادنا والعالم اليوم
    بيد أن شيئا واحدا هو واضح هو أن عدد سكان العالم هو الحصول على أكبر ، والزيادات ليست قادرة على الاستمرار إلى الأبد لأننا جميعا نعرف أن هناك حدودا لهذه الموارد ، مثل الغذاء والمياه ، أن هناك حاجة للبقاء الحياة البشرية . مثل كل الكائنات الحية ، والناس لديهم حاجة لتنمو وتتكاثر والمزيد من الناس يشعرون أكثر من الحاجة للقيام بذلك ،

    مشكلة واحدة السكان المعلن هو معدل الوفيات ، والذي يتناقص بسبب التقدم الطبي أيضا ، وبذلك يرتفع الى أكثر من الإهمال زيادة معدلات المواليد.. هذا يثبت فقط أنه يجب تخفيض معدل المواليد الى نقطة "الصفر النمو السكاني".
    وقد تم بالفعل العديد من الطرق لجلب العين التي تم اقتراحها لتحقيق خفض مباشر في معدل المواليد. من بين تلك المتقدمة في الماضي هي : (أ) توفير وسائل منع الحمل فعالة مع الناس وكذلك الوصول آمنة وموثوق بها إلى مرافق التعليم السليم مع الإجهاض حول قيمة استخدامها ، وكذلك تنظيم الأسرة ، (ب) إنفاذ القوانين لمنع الازواج من إنتاج أكثر من بعض العدد القياسي للأطفال ، ولكن حتى مع وجود خطط وقوانين لتنظيم السكان وينمو السكان لا يزال دون حسيب ولا رقيب والوسائل والوقت لوقف ذلك آخذ في النفاد.

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