Norton 360 / Antivirus / Internet Security 2015

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Symantec’s Norton AntiVirus 2015 – winning protection against viruses, spyware, and other malicious threats! Heuristically detects Spyware threats, detects blocks Internet worm attacks, and protects email. Norton AntiVirus 2015 blocks viruses and spyware with advanced protection. It helps protect your entire computer by stopping viruses, spyware, and other security risks. Norton AntiVirus 2014 works in the background so you can surf the Internet, read the news, play games, and download software or music without disruption. It also scans and cleans all email and instant messaging (IM) attachments, preventing you from receiving viruses, or spreading them to others. With set-it and forget-it functionality, Norton AntiVirus 2015 checks for updates continuously and automatically blocks new and emerging threats from getting on your system.

Norton Internet Security 2015 – strong on protection, light on system resources, award winning! It runs quietly in the background to detect and block today’s complex threats and to protect your identity when you buy, bank, or browse online. The friendly and efficient product design helps minimize confusing security alerts and system slowdowns that can get in the way of your online experience. Norton Internet Security 2015 provides essential protection from viruses, hackers, spyware, spam and other privacy threats. A comprehensive set of security tools, Norton Internet Security 2015 helps keep you safe online as you surf and email, swap files, download programs, and chat